Archiv für den Monat: Februar 2014

Swabian Alb… and where exactly is that?

You would not believe – as a resident of Balingen – how often I get asked this question. Near Tübingen. Aha – and where is that? – 30 minutes drive south of Stuttgart. And what IS there? – Well, lots of nature, loads of fun things to do, and of course a huge ancient castle, the Hohenzollern. …. Sounds great, I’ll come visit.. !

Well, this is how I got the idea of creating this website: as a means of making the I’ll come visit promises real, by providing suggestings and information – all in English – about a wonderful area in the south of Gemany.

The page is brand new… as you can see. Not much information yet on the pages… only in my head. More to follow soon though… Stop by here and there to see.