Where again do I live?

Starting to write a blog about the Swabian Alb for people not really speaking German seemed like an easy thing to do. Well, I am a little smarter now.

The web seems not to have decided, how the area I live in is called in in the English language. While the German tourism page calls it  – like me 🙂 – Swabian Alb, while the tourism page of the federal state of Baden-Württemberg calls it „The Swabian Mountains„. Even better, some homepages call it the Swabian Alp, and those who are overwhelmed with the decision making call it „the region south of Stuttgart“. Which could also result in „the region north of Lake Constance“…  Probably I should just stay with Schwäbische Alb and you all figure out how to best pronounce the „sch“ and the „ä“… 😉

[25.12.2014]: Dicovered a new one, the Swabian Jura, as mentioned on the page Mythos Schwäbische Alb. They have a lot of information available in English by the way.